Welcome to Joyful Nutrition; a private practice passionate about and committed to empowering clients towards a healthy relationship with food. True freedom is eating what you want when you want without fear and guilt. The good news is this freedom is possible. The dietitians at Joyful Nutrition help individuals connect to their internal wisdom and develop their ‘sense of self’ with food. Just as we each have our own unique fingerprint, we have our own taste preferences, nutritional needs and body cues. As we embrace the way we were made and explore our needs, we ultimately find peace with food and respect for our bodies. And as this peace and respect replaces fear and guilt, our true (best) self emerges. Our dietitians are passionate about walking with clients on this treacherous but highly rewarding path. We also practice from a weight inclusive paradigm, encompassing the principles of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating.