Fees and Services

Alice Baker MSRD, CEDRD-S, LDN

Fees & Services

We will meet with you one on one or with your family. In this session, we will take a detailed history and thoroughly assess your nutrition status. From there we will come up with an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your goals. And along the way we will provide you with practical tools to empower you to choose nutrient rich foods on a consistent basis.

Please note, to respect and honor clients on the waiting list and the provider’s time, we have and uphold a 48 business hour cancellation policy. If the appointment is cancelled in less than 48 hours, the full fee will be charged. 


Nutrition Assessments: 50 minute session at 125$ (plan to run over 10 minutes)
Follow ups: 50 minute session at 125$
Brief follow ups: 25 minutes at 65$

We take check, cash, and most major credit cards. We do not work with insurance; however, we can provide you with a documentation of treatment (including necessary codes) to submit your own claim to insurance.  


Many times those struggling with disordered eating have food aversions, food fears and food rituals. The most effective way to break through many of these behaviors is through food experientials. It is here; we will work with our clients to decode the hidden meaning of behaviors and take back the power from food. Experientials include specific food challenges, restaurant challenges, food play, grocery store tours, cooking experiential, gentle eating, and therapeutic meals.

Standard Food experiential: 1 hour at 125$
Expanded Food experiential: 2 hours at 250$


Alice has a passion to share truth and present on topics such as eating disorders, food experientials, health at every size and the non-diet mentality. She presents regularly on both the local and national level. She will provide a detailed thoroughly researched power presentation that is bound to leave you more knowledgeable and refreshed.

Fees are variable, and depend on the presentation at hand.


Joining forces with multiple professionals is a powerful tool, and can provide the necessary comprehensive care to create positive change. Alice provides a free initial consultation to discuss your center’s needs. From there she will create a contract outlining her role to add the nutritional component to your center. Charges are variable depending on the services rendered.


As a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and IAEDP supervisor, Alice provides supervision to dietitians and professionals who long to grow in this rewarding field and wish to obtain their certification as an Eating Disorder Specialist.

Supervision Hr: 50 minute session at 125$ (plan to take the full hour at times)